Clevelanders take precautions for poor air quality, still enjoying outdoor events

Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 10:53 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The dangerous air quality alert has been extended again through Friday in Northeast Ohio, as the Canadian wildfire smoke is expected to get worse.

But, that’s not stopping people from enjoying several big outdoor events in and around Cleveland.

The dangerous air quality didn’t stop Glenn Friedman of Cleveland from jogging several miles on Thursday, before taking in an outdoor concert, but he took precautions because he was concerned about the poor quality of air he was taking in, “I ran a couple of miles and for that, I wanted a mask on because I’m sucking in a whole lot of it.”

Cleveland’s skyline is always as pretty as a picture and normally is visible for miles.

But, for the last several days the city’s focal point is covered in a haze that looks like the onset of a thunderstorm.

Nonetheless, hundreds still gathered to listen to live music at Edgewater Live.

The poor air quality and how it could impact their bodies was top of mind for people like LaRita LaRue of Cleveland, “Well, I think it’s horrible, because I have allergies, and I sleep with a CPAP and lately I have been just so congested from the air itself. I don’t know why I’m out here, but, I just wanted to hear some good music and get out. But, the air quality is a problem here in Ohio right now.”

Doctor David Rosenberg, a Pulmonologist with University Hospitals tells 19 News that everyone should be concerned about poor air quality like this.

“These particles are particularly dangerous because they can enter the breathing passages,” he said.

That didn’t stop thousands from sitting out in the open air for the Guardians game at Progressive Field Thursday night.

Robin Donovan flew into Cleveland from New Jersey to cheer on the Boston Red Sox.

She said the air at home had her taking cover inside, “I was gardening and I started coughing, my eyes were watering, and I came in and saw the haze come over. But, I must say it is much better here in Cleveland than it has been in New Jersey.”

But, no matter what the outdoor activity, some have decided to brush off their stash of COVID masks until the skies are clear again, like Nicole Jones of Cleveland, “It’s messing with my breathing and my sinuses. It’s getting worse.”